Drums and Music

We teach drums and music because music is a good reason to play drums, and drums are a good reason to play music...

Our teachers are certified and experienced in both understanding music, teaching music and also performing music, enabling you as a student to get the best of what you need as an aspiring musician.

We teach in German, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Our courses are highly flexible and tailored to your personal needs, stage of development and also focussed on your end goal. Talk to us and we will make sure you get there.

Complete drumset program No matter what your favourite style is, we have a system for you.

Snare Drum We focus on the snare drum repertoire, both in the european classical tradition, as well as in the american rudimental style. 

Music Theory Individual classes, at the piano. Learn about chords, scales, rhytmic, notation and all you need to understand and write a score.

Superior Education Entry Training We offer both an intensive short term program, as well as a long term detailed program to prepare you for your admittance examination for the superior education.

Our workshops are the perfect alternative to regular courses. Either you want to spend your weekend or holidays working on your drumming and musical skills or you want to get the taste of it before you start your course. In our offer you find your perfect choice. You can also buy a workshop as a present for someone!

There are different options:

Please note: Aims and content will be set between the teacher and student prior to start of the workshop.

We are well aware of your child’s potential, and believe that their voice and intuition is of utmost importance to their musical discoveries and fun. 

Our teachers have vast experience working with students of all ages, including children, which means we are able to create a work environment that allow your child to develop according to their own character and curiosity, whilst offering an engaging lesson.  Music should be fun, and we make sure our developed systems mean they will never regret having those lessons as a child!

We offer many bespoke children’s courses and can even come to your child’s party and play with your kids! Offering an interactive, didactic percussion event for birthday partys and other events.

Drum Chore is a course which focuses on the snare drum. It is aimed at all drummers and percussionists wo would like to develop their reading and technical skills. It is also a course for other instrumentalists wo want to achieve basic percussion skills. For that purpose we will use literature in the style of the American Rudimentary Drumming from authors like Charley Wilcoxon or John S. Pratt and classic school techniques from the work of Mitchell Peters. We offer one to one instruction as well as an ensemble class for up to 6 students. The class is 60 min. long.

Boxes and Brushes is a percussion course which emphasizes our natural relationship to music. The course consists of a small ensemble playing cardboard boxes with brushes. Each player will have card boxes of different sizes. The brushes are ordinary household articles like small brooms. Other contrasting elements will be involved such as small cymbals or bells, toys, shakers, etc.. The course is directed at the development of children's musical sensibility: the ability to hear, to react and to express simple musical ideas. It also aims to develop skills to play and interact in a group, of short time memory through specific exercises and of awareness of elements such as dynamic, texture/sound, form, melody and rhythm. Groups up to 5 players, for children from 4 to 11 years old, 45 min. sessions.